Booking and managing appointments can take up valuable resources. Connected seamlessly to Salesforce, Booker25 allows you to manage unlimited appointments while leveraging customer data. Our user-friendly interface makes appointment scheduling easy,  while a self-service booking widget ensures 24/7 booking availability. Booker25 is simple, customisable and smart for highly-efficient appointment scheduling.

Why use Booker25 for appointment scheduling

Manage unlimited appointments at unlimited locations for no extra cost

Leverage customer data for appointment scheduling within the Salesforce environment

Drag and drop to reschedule appointments with a user-friendly calendar interface

Create the appointment scheduler you want with bespoke solution support for complicated use cases

Protect data with cloud-based technology and Salesforce data security

Benefits of online appointment scheduling

Increase efficiency

Appointment scheduling is fast and simple with click and drag functionality that updates across multiple calendars. Intelligent availability lookup and automatic data population from Salesforce records mean your agents don’t have to switch between screens to manage bookings, freeing up their time to schedule more appointments.

Avoid appointment clashes

Automatic conflict detection identifies clashes across multiple variables such as staff, spaces and rooms on availability, double bookings and capacity to remove the possibility of error and prevent customer disappointment.

Create custom experiences

Incorporate bespoke filters, multiple calendars, multiple languages and currencies for a completely tailored appointment management system. Present your business exactly as you want it to employees, customer support agents and customers alike with custom branding for a seamless experience.

Increase bookings

Never miss a booking with our 24/7 self-service booking widget making it easy for customers to access your services at any time of day, regardless of agent availability. Customers can view appointment visibility ensuring the fullest use of appointment slots and increasing bookings.

Appointment to Lead

Create leads or contacts in Salesforce based on an initial reservation or booking and use this as the first step in their customer journey.

Appointment scheduling the way you want it

Booker25 consultants can configure appointment scheduling exactly to your needs in as little as 24 hours. Its click and drag functionality and intuitive design ensure that once implemented, you can manage with ease. Watch our demo how it works.

Hair & Beauty Salon

Gym & Fitness

Medical & Doctors

Sales & Demo

HR & Recruitment

Personal Shopping

Interior Design

Financial Services

Real Estate

Maintenance & Repairs

Fitness & Health Club

Nuffield Health is the UK’s largest healthcare charity, with all profits invested in its mission to improve the health of the nation.

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“What impressed us about Booker25 was their technical knowledge of Salesforce, their proven track record in providing a scalable solution, and their flexibility. They were the only provider that said ‘Whatever you need, we’ll build it’.”

Ian Edmunds

Head of Digital, Nuffield Health