Scheduling Basic-Fit virtual gym classes with Booker25

Keeping pace with our fast growth and increasingly more complex scheduling requirements is now possible.

533 Clubs
Largest in Europe
533 countries
NL / BE / L / FR / ES
million members

With 533 clubs, Basic-Fit is the largest fitness operator in Europe. Currently operating in 5 countries (the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France & Spain) Basic-Fit has 1,6 million members and aiming to exceed 2 million by the end of 2018. The straightforward membership model includes access to all clubs throughout Europe as well as virtual and live gym classes such as Urban Yoga, Hiit Cardio and Dance.

To keep business processes easy and efficient all virtual classes are scheduled at the same time throughout all locations, using narrowcasting to show the corresponding training video at the right time. The master-schedule is managed in Booker25, linking all clubs and syncing the virtual and live classes into this schedule. This solution contributes in a unique way to ensure the process of scheduling classes is efficient and in real-time.

Efficiency & Flexibility

Flexibility is still needed to add the live classes and exceptions (such as staff training days) per club and can be easily managed manually in Booker25. By using Booker25, Basic-Fit benefits from streamlining the scheduling process for all their 533 (and counting) clubs while giving each club control & over their local schedule. The best of both worlds.

A custom-built API links Booker25 to the video system to ensure the right video is showing at the right time, reducing any manual work and contributing to the efficiency of the process. The Booker25 & IT Development Team at Basic-Fit worked closely together to realise the Basic-Fit vision.

Creating a competitive advantage using Booker25

Allowing clients to book their gym class via the website and Basic-Fit app is high on the priority list, as it offers convenience to customers and gathers data on each class (occupancy, satisfaction etc.). A feature for which Booker25 has provided a solid basis and on which we will work closely with the Basic-Fit team to realise in the future. Further expanding the efficiency of various teams by using Booker25 as a master system for the opening hours for all locations and using this data for the website and Basic-Fit app as this is currently done manually.

“The Booker25 scheduling solution has provided Basic-Fit with the right tool for our unique scheduling challenges. Because we offer a mix of virtual classes with training videos and for the live classes we needed a tool which could automate and streamline scheduling while giving us the flexibility to make changes. The Booker25 implementation was well supported by the team and we now have the solution we were searching for. Offering virtual classes is a unique product and while

e we’re building this part of our brand, Booker25 is the technical heart of making this work.” Thom Hassler-Forest IT Development Manager

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