Shopping by appointment for a better customer experience

Picking out a new bed takes time. Making an appointment in advance gives a customer the security of receiving full attention from the shop consultant

"Imagine Beter Bed has more than 130 stores where we sell beds. And we currently need to manage and confirm aproximately 2,500 store visits per day. We needed a reliable and user-friendly solution, fast! Gen25 gave us a widget for on our website, configured the application to our requirements and within days we were up and running. Now we can concentrate again on helping our customers while conforming to the covid rules."

Making appointments online has traditionally been an option limited only to larger retailers with complex booking systems. Booker25 brings the power of online appointments to all retailers, with an out-of-the-box customer-facing booking widget that can be live on your website in as little as 24 hours. Your retail staff can easily manage all the appointments and focus on welcoming the customer.

Why use Booker25 for retail?

- Booker25 brings individual appointments to any brick and mortar business in as little as 24 hours

- An online booking widget in your website allows customers to self-manage appointments in a user-friendly interface

- Appointments can be easily cancelled and rescheduled

- Time-delayed appointments allow you to align to legislative restrictions

- Booker25 is easy to learn by your staff

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