Advanced Campus Resource Planning for optimised student and staff experience

FLAME University in Pune India, has changed the way its students learn by going beyond the classroom and into the real world, providing them with an educational experience where they can choose their unique career paths. Rooted in the Indian tradition and rising as a pioneer of Liberal Education in India, they create thinkers and doers who question the status quo and challenge themselves. 

The university invests heavily in future-ready technology to build highly customised student experiences. They migrated to Salesforce because it's secure, and reliable and offers the opportunity to customise the solution to their education use case. 

The university also offers a wide range of facilities and amenities such as a library, learning centres, laboratories, cafeterias, sports facilities, and several student clubs and societies. All the students, staff and faculty are residing on campus meaning that they have to share lots of facilities and resources such as conference rooms, meeting rooms, and classrooms that could be booked in advance. The campus also has amazing sports facilities that are used by the residents and these must also be possible to be booked in advance.

FLAME has a dedicated team headed by CTO Mukesh Joshi who is working on the development of the university’s org and is thinking of ways to continuously optimise its processes and boost efficiency and the stakeholder experience. 

The team decided to look for a Salesforce native solution that could help them with their complex bookings challenges involving the available campus resources. “We chose Booker25 because it’s perfect for our complex booking use case and it’s easy to deploy”. Another reason for Booker25 was the intelligent availability lookups and conflict checking to prevent the disappointment of unavailable resources.

The majority of the implementation of Booker25 has been executed with the help of a partner. Nonetheless, FLAME  University wanted to express its gratitude towards the Booker25 team. “Tim, Jerome, Maarten and the rest of the team were instrumental in guiding us and helping us up to speed. We were amazed at their extensive technical knowledge and their deep understanding of our use case in combination with the Salesforce ecosystem”. 

In addition to solving the University’s booking challenges, the salesforce team benefits from reports that show the capacity of the bookable resources and spot usage trends that influence the University’s decision to invest in its campus resources. 

“We’re excited about how Booker25 enables us with our booking challenges, and this is only the beginning. We’ll continue to improve and optimise our Salesforce environment and we’re sure that Booker25 will play an essential role in giving our students and staff a great experience.”

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