“With Booker25 we get the necessary insights in how our demo fleet is used for promotional purposes. It allows us to allocate the cars more effectively and increases the value this promotional fleet brings us.”

Jaguar Land Rover has a large internal fleet of vehicles (Own Used Vehicles) in each of the 24 markets around the globe. This internal fleet is, for example, used for sales and marketing/PR purposes such as press events and loaning cars to journalists, influencers and VIPs. Jaguar Land Rover needed a unified system across all markets in order to gain relevant insight in how these vehicles are utilised in each market and with the new system increase the usage of them.

Improved vehicle request process

Booker25 was selected to help visualize their Own Used Vehicle fleet creating a representation of the vehicles on loan in an easy to use calendar and is now an integral part of the vehicle request process. Planning cars is now centrally manageable.

How it works. A fleet manager or administrator will receive a request from an employee or external party such as a journalist. Using a custom-built filter (created by Jaguar Land Rover) he can search based on colour, type, model or specific registration and find the available vehicle matching the criteria in Booker25. When making a reservation in Booker25 the request is then immediately sent along for approval.

Visual insight in reservations

Booker25 creates a clear visual representation of all the cars and how they are used. That makes analysing the use of the available fleet much easier. These insights allow Jaguar Land Rover to improve the allocation of cars and get the maximum value of this sizeable investment.

Freeing up working capital

Using Booker25 fleet managers can do the planning of cars much more effectively. Cars are constantly used for the right purpose. More journalists, influencers and VIP's have the availability of the right cars yet the total fleet was reduced in numbers.

at glance

Visual overview of total car fleet

Much better insight on global level

Planning car fleet for maximum effect

Reduction in demo car investment

"The Booker25 implementation team helped us to configure the software exactly to our requirements and deployed it in no time for our global network."

Rico Ramars

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