Martin’s Hotel uses Booker25 for all their reservations and bookings

Increased productivity and efficiency of teams that work with Booker25

The Martin’s Hotels’ Group has a rich history in Belgium, their story ‘from hops to hotels’ is unique. In 1980 the brewers family opened their first 5-star hotel in ‘Castle Schweppes’ and nowadays the Group consists of 13 hotels (nov 2018), each hotel is unique, luxurious and stands for quality.

Managing all bookable items in one overview

With the uniqueness of each hotel comes specific challenges related to managing all bookable items per hotel such as; meeting rooms, event spaces, restaurant, spa facilities, electric car hires and parking spaces. All these items can be reserved by guests and they differ per hotel. Martin’s Hotel Group was looking for one tool which could replace a number of spreadsheets and reservation books used by the different departments and hotels.

Using Booker25 Martin’s Hotels’ Group can now manage all their various bookable services in one calendar. The teams at the spa, reception and meetings & events are all using Booker25 to process bookings from beauty treatments to meeting rooms.

Booker25 allows all customers to add unlimited bookable items and unlimited reservations. Because each hotel in the group is unique and the Group is still expanding, Martin’s Hotel needs to be able to add items if and when they need to.

Increasing efficiency and productivity with Salesforce and Booker25

Martin’s Hotels uses Salesforce as their CRM system, this made it easy to make a few customizations such as automatically reserving a meeting room in Booker25 as soon as a quote has been sent from Salesforce. In the calendar the green colour of this reservation indicates that the booking is confirmed and yellow if this is not yet the case. This automated process makes the reservations team more efficient and productive.While looking for the right solution the Booker25 team met with the team at Martin’s Hotels Group to understand their vision and their practical needs. “During the implementation process the Booker25 team did everything possible to ensure everything worked exactly the way we wanted it too, they even built an extra feature upon upon our request. The team made an effort to understand our vision and we believe that Booker25 is the right tool which will grow with us as our business does” Nils Scheers Sales Manager

Streamlining business processes

In order to streamline their business processes even further a feature is needed to link the skills of the spa employees to the kind of treatment they are qualified to give. Booker25 and the hotel group are working together on realizing this. Once all the hotels are operating on Booker25 we will start using the reporting feature in Booker25 to analyze capacity and occupancy figures.

“The scalability and flexibility of the platform was crucial to us in choosing Booker25 to manage our bookings and reservation. The adoption of the new platform among staff was quick and easy, because of the user-friendly and logical interface. We already see improvements in productivity and efficiency of the teams who work with Booker25 and are excited to continue the roll-out to our other hotels.” Nils Scheers Sales Manager

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