With Booker25 and Salesforce we have a solution that meets all our requirements and more.

The Vrije Academie has been the largest national education institute for art and culture since 1990. With a large team of professional lecturers, the Vrije Academie makes it possible for people to become acquainted with art, philosophy, science, photography, history, and architecture in a thorough and enjoyable way. From the office in Amsterdam, a current, broad, and original range of education is provided on a daily basis. With over 6,000 lessons per year throughout the Netherlands, the Vrije Academie is never far away.

How to cope with growth ambitions

The Vrije Academie has grown considerably since 1990 but still aims to reach more people and introduce them to art and culture.With this growth in mind, the desire arose for a new system. "Our previous custom-made system did exactly what we wanted and needed. It was a CMS and CRM in one, but it could not facilitate our growth. The volumes were growing and our requirements were becoming more extensive. That was the starting point for looking for a new solution," says Marieke Vellekoop, Managing Director at Vrije Academie.

"Important criteria during this search were scalability, a secure environment for our customer data, the possibility to link with other systems, the possibility to link with the website, up-to-date reporting, and an absolute must was that our customers would not experience any disruption. An MVP was not an option".

The implementation

Salesforce's capabilities combined with the Salesforce native app Booker25 met these requirements. "Gen25 was selected based on the knowledge they demonstrated regarding not only our business goals but also the substantive and technical knowledge of Salesforce software. In addition, it was very important to us that Gen25 works with in-house developers, which allows us to switch quickly and keep a close eye on the development. With Gen25 we have a partner that can advise us well in realizing our Salesforce and Booker25 wishes".

at glance

Scalable to cope with expected growth

Secure environment for customer data

Up-to-date reporting

Linked to website

The result

We launched the new website in 2019. The website was built by Gen25 on Heroku. On the front-end, apart from the fresh new design (by No Protocol), our students will hardly notice the difference. On the backend, we are very happy with how we can manage everything from Salesforce and Booker25. From adding a new course, which is then immediately visible on the website, to processing the order and sending the confirmation. The entire process takes place in the Salesforce/Booker25 solution, which is clear and makes us more efficient.

Working more efficiently

The planning, programming, and secretarial departments all work from Salesforce. They only see what is important to them. For example, planning is responsible for our venues throughout the country and they can see at a glance who is booked into which venue, when. The secretariat can very easily link e-mail addresses to a reservation, so when a question comes in, it can be answered more quickly. Each department has different needs and therefore also different views in Salesforce/Booker25.

Rico Ramars

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