“The flexibility, user-friendliness and speed of Booker25 is precisely what we were looking for in a reservations system for Zoku’s meeting rooms."

David Kijlstra

Commercial Manager

Zoku has expanded the concept of a hotel to a place where knowledge, ideas and people come together. Hotel rooms are more like loft apartments to live in while you work in a city and shared spaces are homely. Every detail is intentional and their design is extraordinary. Bookable spaces include Lofts, Event spaces and Meeting rooms. Zoku is making headway with locations in Amsterdam, Vienna and Copenhagen. With this growth the need for more streamlined processes, more insight into customers and a central system with all B2B and B2C customer information became more urgent.



The solution

To streamline the sales process Zoku was looking for a flexible reservation system for managing the reservations for their Social Spaces, which include meeting rooms and co-working spaces. Because of Zoku’s current rapid growth, manually keeping track of all reservations was cluttered and no longer sufficient enough. Booker25, being a Salesforce booking platform, manages all bookable meeting rooms and co-working spaces in a clear calendar overview. Connecting to customer data it is possible to track all customer events in one view.

Complete flexibility

Additional services such as food and beverages or audio-visual equipment can easily be added to each reservation for fast, satisfying bookings that are easy to view and manage. From Booker25, a quote can be automatically generated, providing an efficient solution for agents and ultimately also for Zoku customers.

at glance

Simplified processes

Clear overview

Automation for efficiency

Ongoing collaboration

Better for agents, better for customers

30% increased productivity

Using Booker25 agents can now easily set Zoku's flexible opening hours up in the reservation system, and quotes are made entirely through Salesforce removing manual processes. The result is that the productivity of Zoku’s reservations department has increased by 30% and double bookings are a thing of the past, ensuring the customer is never let down.

"Booker25 completed the initial implementation from test to production in just two days and the team provides quick and reliable backup support as needed."

David Kijlstra

Commercial Manager

Rico Ramars

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