Manage all reservations in your CRM

Connect customer data and bookings

Booker25 connects customer and booking data within your Salesforce CRM. Bookings are no longer stand-alone appointments, they can be the starting point of marketing journeys as new customers become leads. Customer experiences become more manageable with all conversations, bookings and sales visible in a single platform.

Enjoy our user-friendly interface

With an intuitive drag and drop interface your users can easily manage their bookings, adapting the date and time and selected resources with one simple motion.

Gain total visibility

With a complete and clear overview of all your bookings within your Salesforce CRM, creating a 360 degree view of activity.

Powered by automation

Booker25 makes organising complex bookings easy with the power of automation. With advanced conflict detection,  double booking notification, capacity functionality and a smart availability lookup, you only see what is available preventing confusion and disappointment. With Booker25, our technology does the hard work.

Define bookable hours

The Booker25 timeslot functionality will ensure you only accept bookings within your availability and capacity

Intelligent availability lookup

Displays only available items when managing complex bookings

Conflict detection

Prevents disappointment by only allowing one reservation for each timeslot

Manage complex bookings

Booker25 can seamlessly manage any number of variables simultaneously in one booking. Anything that is bookable - rooms, vehicles, resources, people - can all be linked to a single reservation.

For example, a meeting can be made for a specific time, within a room that fits a specific group size; a staff member can then be assigned to this room as can a piece of functional equipment - of which it is one of three within the building. The options are limitless.

Ensure you’re always fully booked

The addition of waiting lists ensures your event or class is always fully booked. Booker25 can be tailored to provide any waiting list solution, our experienced technicians will always create the right solution for your business.

Send confirmations & reminders

Send automated confirmation and reminder emails to ensure your customers don’t forget their appointments or reservations.

Manage group bookings

Manage group reservations by integrating with Salesforce Community Cloud.

Waitlist capabilities

Queue attendees based on their reservation time can automatically fill empty slots and replacements are informed in the case of any cancellations.

Security & reliability

As a native Salesforce booking application Booker25 had to pass a strict Salesforce security review that tests the security posture of the solution. As a company, we do not have access to your customer or booking data.

As secure as Salesforce

All our data is stored in your Salesforce environment and we do not monitor this for any purpose. Booker25 is compatible with Salesforce Shield.