Booker25 Release notes

Version 3.81
Released 23 februari 2018

Disabled External Sharing Model

  • Disabled External Sharing Model
Version 3.80
Released 20 februari 2018

Collection of usability and back-end fixes

  • Resource Type tree When first opening the resource type tree page, the type tree will be fully expand
  • Settings Removed the color codes and reservation preview on the status table in setting as these no longer represented what was actually displayed on the calendar, since the switch from status colors to reservation colors
  • Recurring reservation styling Updated the styling of recurring reservations to be more in line with the rest of Booker25
  • Resource filter behaviour Changed the way Booker25 handles new resources on the calendar
  • Pricing Disabling ‘Services have a price’ will now hide the price related fields of services from the reservation form and the settings page
  • Services When adding a service to a reservation on the reservation form, the service attributes are expanded automatically
  • Lookup click in reservation form Fixed a bug where clicking on a lookup in the reservation form would not redirect to the related record page but would instead would open a blank page
  • Service availability Fixed a bug where services that were not available for that resource would be shown in the services dropdown menu. Also reintroduces the remaining service count in the service dropdown
  • Hierarchy tree Fixed a bug where the expanded and closed nodes of the typetree would be forgotten when the user closed the browser
  • Field references Fixed a bug where field names could be used instead of relationship names in various booker field references
  • ‘Create new’ on lookup redirect Fixed a bug where the create new ‘X’ button on lookup dropdowns did not redirect the user to the new record page and instead opened a blank page
  • Calendar drag behaviour Fixed a bug where moving a reservation and then moving it again after saving into an illegal position would cause the reservation to snap back to the original position
  • Reservation form lookups Fixed a bug where having both the account and contact fields on the reservation form caused the account field to display wrong
  • Resource page scrollbar Fixed a bug where no scroll bar would appear on the resource screen when the related tables did not fit on screen
  • Currency Fixed a bug where the currency icon in the services table on the settings page would not respect the organizations currency setting
  • Reservation time update Fixed a bug where a non time-based change would cause the start and end times of the reservation to be recalculated. This happened when the time zone of the last user that edited the reservation, the time zone of the reservation's resource, and the time zone of the current user were all different. This would cause the reservation to change times
  • Closed resource booking Fixed a bug where it was possible to book closed resources if the resource closed at 24:00 and was closed the start of the next day. Reservation could be created going x hours into the next day depending on the time zone of the resource
Version 3.79
Released 9 februari 2018

Major performance upgrade

  • New way of calendar loading Calendar loading is now more reliable and capable of loading more resources and reservations. The calendar now provides feedback to the user while loading.
  • Grouping Grouping for the staff and group calendar allows for the delayed loading of availabilities for faster navigation on the calendar.
  • Caching Caching of availabilities for time ranges and resources.
  • Intelligent availability construction Significantly improves calendar loading times.
  • Error reporting Calendar notifies user on issues
  • Filter behaviour Improved filtering functionality
  • User preference storing Updated way of storing user preferences
  • Natural resource sorting Default sorting updated to be more human-like
  • Search navigation Fixed minor issues with search
  • Bugfix Fixed an issue where the labels on the reservation form were the wrong fields on Start and End time inputs.
  • Bugfix Fixed a vulnerability in the calendar.
Version 3.78
Released 11 januari 2018

Introduction of Recurring Reservations

  • Daily / weekly / monthly / yearly recurrence
  • Update individual / a series of reservations
  • Overview of conflicts upon save of recurring series
  • Bugfix Fixed lookups not functioning correctly on the reservation form.
  • Bugfix Fixed reservations not being shown real-time when Create Events is enabled in Settings.