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Booker25 is continuously innovated by a talented team of developers. This has resulted in various Add-ons that will enable you to generate even more value from your Booker25 Solution. These Add-ons can be customized for your specific use case.

Booker25 Widget

Booker25 provides various ways to make your booking system accessible to your customers, the most user-friendly is the Booker25 widget. Add our out-of-the-box widget to your website and integrate any payment service provider to the check-out flow.

Booker25 Payments

The payment Add-on is an API layer that allows you to integrate quickly and easily with multiple payment service providers, meaning no profit loss if customers don’t turn up, reward returning customers and bulk bookings with custom logic that applies discounts, or build packages to boost sales further.As Booker25 is Salesforce native all of your customers booking history is available within the same platform.

Projects Tool

Projects is a free Booker25 extension to manage projects effectively.

This extension includes:

  • Convenient default template for basic project management.
  • Easily adaptable to your own Salesforce objects and data model.
  • Easy 3-steps installation

Volunteer Planning

Volunteer25 is a flexible booking platform for the effective management of volunteers and volunteering projects. Harvesting the power of Salesforce, it enables organizations to find the ideal candidates for their volunteering projects. And, they’re given the tools to manage any volunteering project successfully.

This extension enables:

  • Search for candidates based on skills, roles and experience
  • Easy application via Salesforce Experience Cloud
  • Ready to use Deporting & Dashboards
  • Shift planning & Equipment planning

Slack integration

Use Booker25 directly from Slack for even more convenience. This feature is expected to be released in Q3 of 2022

Flexible business engine

Turn Booker25 together with Salesforce into a solid business engine for your flexible offering, with payment, connection and UX possibilities

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