Without the right tools to help, rental and commercial property management can be time consuming and open to human error. Booker25 addresses the challenges of property management by providing a user-friendly, smart booking scheduler that's connected to your Salesforce CRM. All your bookings, spaces and client conversations exist within the same space. Automation prevents double-bookings, and reports provide key metrics such as popular times and locations. Booker25 is a scalable booking system that can manage limitless bookings and locations, adapting freely to changing property portfolios with no fuss.

Why use Booker25 for real estate?

Manage an unlimited number of locations in one overview

Report on occupancy rates, availability and popular locations with out-of-the-box Reports & Dashboards

Manage bookings easily with a user-friendly, drag and drop, colour-coded calendar interface

Connect bookings, client contacts and billing effortlessly within the native Salesforce application

Customise to your specifications with bespoke setup and configuration

Benefits of Booker25 for property management

Increase efficiency

With reservations and client data sitting together in Salesforce, your agents don’t have to switch between screens to manage bookings.

Improve customer satisfaction

With an intuitive user-friendly interface customers can take control of their bookings. Scheduling, cancellations and ordering extra items can all be managed by them without agent involvement.

Customise to exacting specifications

Booker25 can be completely customised to reflect your real estate offering. Say your client wants a fully-furnished office with air conditioning and a fridge, they can select their preferences from custom fields to get exactly what they want.

Increase revenue

Booker25’s native Salesforce application allows you to receive reservations and immediately process payments within the same system preventing delay or revenue loss. Its real time adjustment instantly frees up space for other customers when a space is cancelled, ensuring maximum occupancy and revenue opportunity.

Appointment scheduling the way you want it

Booker25 consultants can configure appointment scheduling exactly to your needs in as little as 24 hours. Its click and drag functionality and intuitive design ensure that once implemented, you can manage with ease. Watch our demo how it works.

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Newday Offices

“The fact that with Booker25 we don't have to worry about a limit on the number of bookings or locations is great, we have strong ambitions to grow and IT solutions should not get in the way. With Booker25 we now have a centrally scalable solution in which all data comes together, this allows us to report on all major KPIs, all with the aim of optimizing the customer experience of their tenants."