Making appointments online has traditionally been an option limited only to larger retailers with complex booking systems.

In this new world of Retail - Booker25 brings the power of online appointments to all retailers, with an out-of-the-box customer-facing booking widget that can be live on your website in as little as 24 hours.

Your retail staff can easily manage the appointments as well as focus on welcoming your customers back into your stores.

Why use Booker25 for retail?

Booker25 brings individual appointments to any business in as little as 24 hours

An online booking widget in your website allows customers to self-manage appointments in a user-friendly interface

Appointments can be easily cancelled and rescheduled

Time-delayed appointments allow you to align to legislative restrictions

Booker25 is an intuitive system and is easy to use

Why use Appointment scheduling for Retail

Increase your sales during the current pandemic climate and beyond

Make maximum use of the possibilities during exceptional times, but also be ready for new shopping behaviour in the future

Maximise use of available space and time

Arrange and manage in-person retail and virtual appointments, which can be used for add-on services such as personal shopping or retail support services.

Safer shopping

Booker25 accommodates time-delayed appointments, and can apply restrictions such as limits on the number of people to ensure your customers can shop safely.

Customer choice

With Click and Collect, your customers have a third option for receiving their goods at a time convenient to them, avoiding queues in store or delivery delays.

Turn appointments into leads

Booker25 is a Salesforce-native application meaning appointments can become leads in Salesforce, creating new customer profiles or connecting to existing customer profiles in your CRM.

Appointment scheduling the way you want it

Booker25 consultants can configure appointment scheduling exactly to your needs in as little as 24 hours. Its click and drag functionality and intuitive design ensure that once implemented, you can manage with ease. Watch our demo how it works.

Hair & Beauty Salon

Gym & Fitness

Medical & Doctors

Sales & Demo

HR & Recruitment

Personal Shopping

Interior Design

Financial Services

Real Estate

Maintenance & Repairs


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"We at Gen25 have listened to retailers and responded quickly to legislation to bring you a retail solution that's fit for challenging times, now and in the future."

Tim Schuitemaker

CIO, Gen25