Overseeing desks and workspaces is changing

The return of people to their workspaces needs careful management to follow ongoing and changing government guidelines to socially distance themselves and keep themselves safe.  

With a large part of the workforce looking to reduce commute times and work more flexibly, the office will become a place to collaborate and meet with clients. Students and teachers will also return to their classrooms, so how desks, workspaces, and sanitization are overseen will change.
Booker25 makes workspace management easy, safe and increases productivity for all.

Sublet your office space and reduce rent expenditure

Booker25 helps to save funds on empty office space that may be empty for months. The salesforce native application manages the flexible subletting of the entire office space, specific workspaces or meeting rooms while its users stay safe.

How does Booker25 help?

Technology-based solution helps you successfully manage the return of employees and students to a changed workspace environment.

Social distancing is maintained by decreasing workspace density to reduce the risk of the spread of Covid-19. Booker25 helps to manage the number of people allowed in any workspace at any given time.

Contact monitoring helps you manage the spread of infection by registering where people have worked or studied.

Booker25 important features

Booker25 is integrated within your organization's Salesforce environment. Booking desks and workspaces is fast and simple with click and drag functionality that updates across multiple calendars.

Our Booking widget makes it easy for users to access services at any time of day.

Booker25 can be completely customized to reflect your specific use case. The Booker25 framework provides a solid base to build your process exactly how you want it

With an intuitive user-friendly interface, users can take control of their bookings. Scheduling, cancellations, and ordering extra items can all be managed without any involvement from others.

Multiple pre-made Salesforce reports & dashboards are available out-of-the-box and allow you to make decisions based on real-time data.

Booker25 online within 2 weeks from €29 per month

Booker25 developers and consultants are known for effective technological advice. Are you ready to take control of your workspace, or just want to have an informal discussion. Contact us today and learn how Booker25 gives you the confidence to safely return to your workspace!

Booker25 starts at €29 per month. Depending on your challenge, your solution can be implemented within approx. 2 weeks. Contact sales for detailed pricing.

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