” We were amazed at how quickly the booking system was up and running. On Monday the project was started and that same week on Friday we were live!”

Being able to react quickly to changing market conditions is becoming more and more critical. Not only during a pandemic. The retail landscape has changed dramatically over the past decade as E-commerce and online shopping has become an important sales channel. Rivièra Maison understands this and has invested in IT solutions to follow this change in customer behavior.

Improving customer experience

Brick and mortar stores need to improve the customer experience to stay viable. And one of the things to improve the customer experience is to have the option to shop by appointment. That is where Booker25 comes in. It offers Rivièra Maison’s customers the possibility to book an appointment at the store of their choosing on any device and even at times when the call center is closed. Booker25 immediately sends a confirmation so the customer can safely plan his day.

Self-service scheduling

What makes Booker25 even more valuable to Rivièra Maison is the fact that it seamlessly integrates with Salesforce (Salesforce native). Customer information is safely registered in their customer database ensuring nothing of importance is lost. Moreover, it gives Rivièra Maison the possibility to nurture these contacts and enrich the customer profile data with purchase information and website and email behavior. Of course, all conforming to GDPR legislation. It also informs store personnel about who will be visiting the store, and if the order history of current customers is made available this could help in advising the customer better when shopping.

at glance

Quick and easy implementation

Customer plans appointment

Callcenter is freed up

Appointment feeds CRM

Future proof

With Booker25 Rivièra Maison is confident that every change in COVID-19 rules can quickly be implemented and that it will also add to the customer experience now and in the future.

“It freed up a big chunk of our call center capacity and reduced the number of no-shows. The time and floor capacity of our 17 stores (14 in the Netherlands and 3 in Germany) is now better utilized resulting in the highly sought-after increase in our revenue in these difficult times.”

Martijn Hendriks

How to get started with Booker25

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