What is Booker25?

Booker25 is a limitless booking system for all industries and businesses of any size. From managing educational courses to gym classes, vehicle bookings to salon appointments, Booker25 developers leverage the power of Salesforce to make any booking requirement a possibility.


Booker25 works with any Salesforce object to create tailored booking experiences and makes booking, managing and paying for appointments easier.

Client-facing booking

Using a custom widget or webpage interface

Unlimited scale

No restrictions on bookings or bookable items

Completely customisable

Our solution engineers are ready to build what you need

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Manage bookings of any type and complexity in one easy-to-use platform within your Salesforce CRM

Automate processes

With built in intelligence such as conflict detection

Make changes easily

Intuitive drag and drop functionality

Manage capacity

With a complete and clear view of all your bookings

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Grow your business by performing seamless scheduling with a client-facing booking system.

Grow your business

Connect your customer data to bookings

Scale as needed

No limits on bookings or bookable items

Make insight-driven decisions

With ready-made reports and real-time data

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Improve efficiency

Appointment scheduling is fast and simple with drag and drop functionality that updates across multiple calendars. Being Salesforce-native, your agents don’t have to switch between screens to manage bookings, freeing up their time to schedule more appointments.

Increase bookings

Never miss a booking with our 24/7 self-service booking widget, making it easy for customers to access your services at any time of the day or night, regardless of agent availability.

Customise to specifications

Booker25 can be completely customised to reflect your specific use case. The Booker25 framework provides a solid base to build your reservation process exactly how you want it.

Boost customer satisfaction

With an intuitive, user-friendly interface, customers can manage their bookings and add extras without the involvement of an agent.

Fitness & Health Club

Nuffield Health is the UK’s largest healthcare charity, with all profits invested in its mission to improve the health of the nation.

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“What impressed us about Booker25 was their technical knowledge of Salesforce, their proven track record in providing a scalable solution, and their flexibility. They were the only provider that said ‘Whatever you need, we’ll build it’."

Ian Edmunds

Head of Digital, Nuffield Health

Rico Ramars

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