How does Booker25 work with Salesforce?
Does Booker25 have the capability to schedule locations, resources and equipment needed for events?
What is the difference between Booker25 and Salesforce Lightning Scheduler?
Can I access the Booker25 roadmap?
Can I use Booker25 to create and publish a schedule?
I am a Salesforce partner, can I buy Booker25 for my customers?
Is Booker25 SOC 2 compliant?

Getting started

How does your pricing structure work?
Do I need to pay an additional fee to use the Salesforce platform?
Do you offer discounts for non-profit organisations?
How do I determine how many Bookers25 licenses I need?
How can I get started with online bookings?
Can we contact Booker25 for support?
How do I install Booker25 on my Salesforce org?


Once I have installed Booker25, what do I need to do to get started?
How do you add a calendar to a Lightning app page?
How do I create a Reservation Type?
How can I change the reservation colors?
Does Booker25 support Unicode Characters?
What is the difference between a VisualForce Calendar and a Lightning Calendar.

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How to get started with Booker25

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