What is Volunteer25?

Volunteer25 is a flexible booking platform for the effective management of volunteers and volunteering projects. Harvesting the power of Salesforce, it enables organizations to find the ideal candidates for their volunteering projects. And, they’re given the tools to manage any volunteering project successfully.

Volunteer25 important features

Native Salesforce application

Skill and Role management for your volunteers

Deliver better volunteer experience

Create your jobs and shifts

Ready-made reports and real-time data

Intelligent availability lookup & conflict detection

Matching volunteers to shifts or jobs based on skills, interests & availability

The success of a volunteering job is highly dependent on the finding of sufficient numbers of volunteers who also have the necessary skills to perform their volunteering activities.

With Volunteer25, you’ll have access to a complete arsenal of components enabling you to search for candidate volunteers based on their skills, roles or previous experience. It is easy to plan shifts and assign volunteers. Also waiting lists are supported and automation can be enabled on each shift to allow for automatic progression of volunteers on the waiting list.

Creating the best experience for Volunteers

Volunteer25 enables volunteers to have the best volunteering experience. Easy registration allows candidate volunteers to indicated and update their skills, and to apply to jobs that match these skills. It includes the possibility to let volunteers update their interests and previous roles. Also, they can search for jobs that are in proximity to their preferred location. In addition, volunteers can track the status of jobs that they’ve applied for. Once assigned to a shift, they can see their schedule and available hours.

Reporting and check in management

Volunteer25 helps you to manage your volunteering events from start to finish. This includes tracking of the attendance of volunteers related to shifts and events. By using this data you can calculate the actual number of hours a volunteer worked for you.

Jobs can be related to campaigns, which allows calculating the investment against the outcome, measuring the change created on the program and/or program participants as a result of volunteer intervention.

To conclude, you can report on the volunteer engagement, including participation and check-ins of specific jobs.

Extension package to Booker25

Volunteer25 is built on the powerful features of Booker25, our booking software tailored to your unique specifications to manage reservations of any type. Review the features of Booker25 for more information.

For volunteering, the Booker25 matching logic is used to find the correct volunteer for every shift. If you have additional requirements to your scheduling you can easily create your own matching logic, or extend the Volunteer25 shift planning with your own related data. For example equipments needed to do volunteering jobs, staff members that need to help (beginning) volunteers or perhaps the booking of dedicated rooms/locations.

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