Nuffield Health is the UK’s biggest healthcare charity. It supports millions of people in their health journeys every year - from prevention via gym services, through diagnosis and treatment in its hospitals, to recovery with physiotherapy. The scale and complexity of Nuffield Health’s operation means that creating a seamless customer experience across all of its services represents a significant challenge. The ability for customers to book and manage their appointments is fundamental.


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A groundbreaking booking experience

Nuffield Health required significantly scalable software. In a first-of-its-kind requirement, Nuffield Health will be the only organisation to provide both health and wellbeing bookings in one platform, offering consultant outpatient booking alongside gym class and beauty booking. Ultimately, Nuffield Health hope to incorporate the full breadth of their services, including free and paid for, virtual and in-person, gym, hospital and recovery services, all in one customer interface.

The solution

Booker25 is enabling Nuffield Health with more than just a booking engine. We have supported the development of a new customer-facing booking app, and the configuration of Booker25 to work with Nuffield Health’s existing back-end technology. Combined with a completely customised and white-labelled interface, the configuration ensures that while several technologies are at play in the background, to the customer it will appear as one seamless Nuffield Health-branded booking experience.

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Back-end integration


Nuffield Health's bespoke Booker25 booking system provides significant improvement to the customer experience and helps to address current limitations. With the new digital consultant outpatient booking system customers will have a clear view on when appointments are available and will be able to book at any time, day or night.

For gym users, Booker25 introduces at-a-glance visibility over class availability and waiting lists. Notifications are issued as reminders and when there are changes to classes. Members can see all of their current and past bookings and the steps in the booking process are optimised based on user feedback.

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