The ultimate booking experience

Unlimited bookings

Booker25 is suitable for companies of any size, with no limits on the number of bookable items, services or reservations.

As unique as your business

Create the booking system you need with tailored bookable items - such as rooms, staff or equipment - to suit any business requirements.

Custom add-ons

Add extra services such as catering, parking or equipment hire to bookings for additional revenue or customer incentive.

Build on our scalable
booking framework

Booker25 is a scalable and unlimited booking system that can be used by any business of any size, to create and manage specific bookings requirements. Configures to specifications, grow reservations as your business grows, and adapts to changing needs, the possibilities are endless with Booker25’s solutions-focused team supporting bespoke requirements. Whatever your booking needs, Booker25 can handle it.

Make unique calendars

Use any Salesforce standard or custom objects to create your bespoke calendar.

Add availability rules

Define and manage time slots and availabilites of your bookable items to activate automatic scheduling.

Create a custom look & feel

Adapt the look and feel of your calendars and booking widget for a more brand-aligned experience.

Group booking capabilities

With pre-defined reservation types, Booker25 can easily manage group bookings for the purpose of classes, excursions, events and more.

Native Salesforce

Booker25 is built on Salesforce, so all your reservation data is stored in one place within your CRM.

A reservation can be the starting point of your marketing journey and new customers can be created as leads or contacts in Salesforce, depending on your specific needs.

Whether you want to manage room, vehicle and class bookings or hair stylist appointments, calendars can easily be created in Booker25 for reservations related to any of your existing Standard and Custom objects.

With Booker25 there are no barriers to creating a truly connected booking system.

As unique as your business

Booker25 is a Lightning and Salesforce-ready booking system with limitless applications. Our clients have used Booker25 to create custom booking journeys for fitness classes, university courses, car rentals and much more. View our demo to see how it works in action.

Complement Booker25 with integrations & Add-ons

We are continously working to include new integrations and add ons to ensure our customers get the most out of their booking platform. Using these integrations allows Booker25 to hold video conferences, accept payments for bookings, provide social media interaction with customers and establish contract and subscription support for relevant reservations and booking types.

  • Booking widget
  • Time tracking
  • Visualise floor planning
  • Appointment-based video conferencing
  • Contract & subscription management
  • Invoice & billing support
  • Bring your Payment Service Provider
  • WhatsApp confirmations using Social25
  • Integrate with Community Cloud
  • Office 365 Outlook two-way synchronisation
  • Reports & dashboards

New feature releases

We have mentioned just a small selection of the available features that you can configure for Booker25. If you haven’t seen what you are looking for, check out the full feature list or sign up for our monthly release notes newsletter below.

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