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Functional documentation for end-users

Do you want help on how to use the calendar and its features? This type of documentation is intended for end-users and can help you to use the calendar and available logic in Booker25? This documentation can be accessed via this Confluence page.

You can also find videos with more tips and tricks on the Booker25 YouTube channel.

Technical documentation for Salesforce experts

Are you a Salesforce administrator, Salesforce consultant or developer and do you want help on how you can set up your Booker25? Visit our technical documentation page via this Confluence page.

Booker25 REST API

Do you want to learn more about integrating Booker25 with your website or app? Via our Booker25 REST API, creating a direct connection and extension between Salesforce, Booker25, and external systems is possible.

This API should be used when you want to sync data between Booker25 and external systems. If you are looking for integrating a custom frontend on the Booker25 calendars (for your end-users to make reservations in your Booker25 environment) see the inbound reservation API.

Learn more via this page.

Booker25 inbound reservation API

Do you want to enable Frontend clients to create and interact with Booker25 without having the user to authenticate themselves? With this API we have added some of the heavy liftings you might require to integrate Booker25 into your website or app. To install this API, make sure that you have configured the widget and its landings page package. More information can be found in the technical documentation.

To learn more on the Widget and its configuration see this page. Learn more on this api via this page.

YouTube videos

We regularly post videos and demos for both advanced and end-users on our YouTube channel. 

In Depth review by Salesforce Ben

This in-depth review will dive into Booker25’s features, ideal use cases, and setup effort, as well as the different ways this app could be a great addition to your Salesforce org. Click here for the full review.

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Can't find what you're looking for? Please contact our support, for help

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